Mutliple non-admin users of GoogleAppEngineLauncher under OS X

If you do the right thingĀ® and work as a non-admin user under OS X (10.6 / Snow Leopard), you will get strange errors if you are multiple users who try to use the GoogleAppEngineLauncher in order to toy with Googles awesome AppEngine: Only the non-admin user who (last) installed the program is apple to start the local server, everybody else gets an error that the server is unable to launch google/appengine/tools/ or some such.
Turns out it’s a permission problem: some of the files (which in my case are owned by sara:admin), doesn’t have read/execute permission for everybody else: ``

fladmast:Contents janus$ pwd
fladmast:Contents janus$ find . -name '*.py' -not -perm -005 | wc -l
fladmast:Contents janus$ ls -l `find . -name '*.py' -not -perm +005 | tail -n 1`
-r-xr-x---  1 sara  admin  1938 May 16 08:28 ./Resources/GoogleAppEngine-default.bundle/Contents/Resources/google_appengine/tools/

The fix is simple: Open a terminal and fix the permissions: ``

fladmast:/ janus$ cd /Applications/
fladmast:Contents janus$ sudo chmod -R +r,+X .

(That’s a capital X in the chmod)