Mac ohoy!

Finally jumped on the bandwagon – and I like it:

When I put in my ssh password (after generating the key with a proper ssh-keygen at a prompt with no cygwin fumbling) a little box popped up asking me if I wanted to keep the pass in the system keychain. 10 points!

Unison the tool you can’t live without once you know it. Grabbed a gui version. No installing or anything, just “click” - “go”. Sweet - except that I had forgotten how big my main root has become…

Then there’s a proper GNU toolchain ready for the picking at apples developer connection – XCode is a chunky download, but then you’re set to go. Should work with NetBSD’s pkgsrc if I get a need for some config && make && make install.

Off my favorite tools, everything is just there (I checked this beforehand, of course):

  • Firefox – Safari isn’t bad, but I need my GTDinbox
  • Inkscape – your favorite svg editor
  • JabRef – am really looking forward to working with my favorite bibliography tool with the fast pdf previews!
  • Paraview – I guess this is niche. But massive 3D datasets are cool
  • Truecryptjust released for Mac :)
  • Unison – the one and only file synchronizer. Now I’m running it across Windows, Gentoo, and OS X without a hiccup.
  • Bye bye Launchy, long live Quicksilver

LaTeX will be next – I hope previewLaTeX will be easy because it will be hard to live without now.

All in all, it looks like OS X will behave just like I want it to – with no tinkering! I usually spend a few days getting a new windows machine just right. The way things are looking, I should have my first OS X system up to speed in less than that!